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Orphans in Zimbabwe

The Mzezewa-Zhou family, Davison, Yana, Idaishe and Esther spent three years with us at Oasis. Davison completed his Master of Arts in Leadership degree from Denver Seminary. He and Yana continue to use their education to work with an organization called Vision Trust, a world-wide ministry to underprivileged children. Davison is the country director for Vision Trust in Zimbabwe, Africa. In addition to sharing the Gospel message with the people of Zimbabwe, Vision Trust provides food, clothing, education and Aids testing and medical treatment.

If you wish to learn more about this ministry or support it, please visit Vision Trust.

Denver Rescue Mission

The first Monday of every other a month, several guys from Oasis have been leading a worship service for the mens homeless shelter at the Denver Rescue Mission. If you would like to just go along and observe or would like to participate, please contact Scott at scott@oasiscommunity.com.