What to Expect

What does a Saturday evening gathering at Oasis look, feel and sound like? Here’s some info that’ll help you know who we are:

First, we try our best to capture a coffee-shop feel. Why? Because your local coffee shop creates a non-threatening context for conversation and connection. It’s a place to be yourself, amid others who are learning how to be themselves. Oh yeah. Like a coffee shop, we also serve good coffee and snacks of various sorts.

And like a coffee shop, we don’t care how you dress. We range from shorts to traditional church clothes, and jeans seem to be the preferred outfit.

As far as preaching goes, we’re passionate about experiencing God’s grace and what that means in the world today. We’re also passionate about sharing that message to as many people as possible. That means using different styles to reach different people. We’re interactive (meaning, the questions aren’t rhetorical). We’re expressive.

What about the music? Our worship team consists of several talented musicians and singers who are comfortable whether leading traditional hymns or contemporary praise. We’re always open to additional singers and musicians, so let us know if you’re interested.

What some of us consider the best part of the Saturday gathering is what we call “post-church fun.” You can always count on a group of us — and sometimes all of us — continuing our fellowship by going out to dinner together. Church continues to happens in these moments as we deepen relationships and learn what it means to be God’s family.

We hope that you’ll stop in and see what we’re about. Like any great coffee shop, you never know what you’ll find.